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Why & How to Cure Marijauana Bud

Curing Overview:

Curing marijuana eliminates the harshness making a smoother smoke, improves potency and enhcances the marijuana's fragrance. In addition, it makes for a more even burn and the marijuana is easier to light. Marijuana under cured is like green bannanas, you can eat them but they are more eye appealing, have a different texture and tastier if you let them set out to ripen up a couple of days. You will often find that you can take some lackluster weed, cure it a bit and pleasantly discover its really good stuff.

What happens in the curing process?

When the stem buds are cut they are still live plants. They contain a lot of moisture, chlorophyll, sugar and starch. During the cure process the sugar and starch are converted by the plant into THC. The chlorophyll, which makes the bud smell grassy and smoke harsh is disappated. The moisture content is reduced and evenly distributed though out the stem and bud.

Drying should not be confused with curing marijuana. They are distinctly different processes. Drying is where the moisture is evaporated from the bud - outsde to the inside. Its like puting a cake in a hot oven, the outside of the cake will appear to be done but the inside is still very moist. If the cake is left in the oven too long it becomes very-very dry since all the moisture has been zapped out, which means crappy cake. The same happens to marijuana, anyone that has ever found some bud that they stashed away in a plastic bag a few months ago and then smoked it will know what I mean.

How can you tell if bud is cured?

You can easily tell if the marijuana is properly cured with a simple test. Just gently bend the stem of the bud. It should have some give then you'll hear a distinct snap of the marijuana stem. The bud should feel dry but not flakey or crumbly. The stem should also be dry but it should not be brittle.

How can you cure marijuana?

The simplest way to cure marijuana on a small scale is to put the bud into an air tight glass or plastic jar. A quart Mason jar or a plastic container with a sealing lid will do just fine. Store it in a cool place out of the light (especially sunlight). A couple of times a day, open up the container and allow it to 'breathe' for a few minutes. Wipe any moisture condensation off the lid. Very very gently turn the buds in the container a little. Close it back up and store again. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the bud cure by testing it. You can only under cure, you can not over cure - marijuana is like a fine wine, it only gets better with time :)

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